About Us

btvnewslive.com is a news platform in Kannada Language, which serves news content in Kannada Languages, Founded in 2012, it’s mission is to connect people in their own local language.

BTV News was started with the sole intention of serving the larger online community of users in India – the non-English speaking users.
We have Television Satellite news Channel in the same brand BTV News(B News) We have our bureaus all over Karnataka and major metro cities of India to collect the news.

Breaking News, Views and Features on various national issues and politician developments. From international affairs to local happenings. It features the latest news, in the form of text, pictures and videos. The site is updated continuously throughout the day. The website provides updates on national news, international, sports, business, cinema travel, gadget, entertainment, lifestyle, etc.

We are very much active in social media like Facebook, Youtube etc. Our Facebook page has over 2 M followers and youtube channel has more the a million subscribers.